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Jerry (born January 28, 1984) is an American actor, author, D.J., librarian, philanthropist, rapper, and songwriter. He has enjoyed success in children's books, television, film, and music. Throughout the years, many have called, "NC's man of many talents". Now living in Atlanta, GA, the possibilities for greatness is endless!.

In the early 2000s, Jay achieved modest fame with a following in his college days as a rapper under the name JDotMDot, which later became Jay Bedda a.k.a. SucceSS. Jay would always write stuff and let his friends hear it and they would say "Yoooo, that sound BETTER than most of the stuff we hear on the radio!" So BETTER or BEDDA, always stuck with him. His released his school's (UNC-Wilmington) dance anthem, "Hawk It Out". The school later embraced the name by having "Hawk It Out" dance competitions every year.

Jerry was born in Lumberton, NC (where Red Springs, NC is his hometown)(, the son of Nettie, a SC seamstress, and George, a forklift operator for Westpoint Pepperell. He grew up in Red Spring's Springside neighborhood, and was raised Christian. He is the only child from either of his parents. McRae attended Peterson Elementary School, home of the Tigers in Red Springs, NC. His father passed away when he was 12, but his mother still lives and is very much an inspiration in his life.

Jerry attended Red Springs High School. He accepted a scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Jay says he wanted get away from a place that is known for people never escaping, but to thrive in an entirely different environment and have people in Red Springs look to him as inspiration that they can do it too!

Jerry's first roles in the acting world came from being in various church plays at Faithful Few Apostolic Church of Hamer, SC. His uncle (Bishop J.L. Dunson) is the founding pastor of his childhood church. After that, McRae started acting in stage plays written by Ms. Lowanda Dee Davis of Elizabethtown, NC. Today you can see Jerry in a plethora of films whether as an extra in the background, or as a featured character.

Jerry is the author of a groundbreaking children's book titled "Black Fathers Are Real: We Do Exist". He is a very proud African American man that values his culture so very much. This book speaks against the false stereotypes of how all black men aren't good fathers to their children, how they are all incarcerated, or have negative impacts on society. The majority of Black Fathers are hardworking, educated, loving men who wants the best for their children. This book shines a light through on Black Fatherhood through Camren's eyes, the views from a child about his hero. Lessons learned are the culture, the value of a good education, financial intelligence, the importance of family time, the importance of honoring God, and being confident in yourself.

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