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Special thanks goes out to my Parents, George and Nettie, whom I love soooo very much!! This entire website is dedicated to them, for without their patient, guidance, and strong morals, I would not have had the drive to go for my dreams and achieve much!! This website is in loving memory of my father, which died when I was only 12 in a half years old. A very hardworking, loving, upright, caring and supportive father. A devoted, loyal husband whom I strive to be just like one day. Some people try to go beyond their heroes in the past and be greater, but to be honest, he was so great, it’s kind of impossible to even be more greater than he was. My loving mother is so strong and she is my everything. She motivated me all through high school, college, and now graduate school, forever instilling in me that I can do anything and all things are possible through them that believe. She’s a godly woman, beautiful, soft spoken, sweet and kind hearted to all. I love my mother and my father and I only want to make them proud and achieve much so that our family name may live on forever. To my Aunt Gloria, who passed away from Cancer, she was my biggest supporter throughout her life, she was giving, kind hearted, inspirational, spoke her mind, strong, a fighter. She is someone I’ll forever remember as “rare”. To Kellye', my Kupkake who has been my biggest cheerleader through it all, she is so stunningly beautiful, always encouraging, always there when I call on her. With her, I have two beautiful, handsome, intelligent, energetic, talented, amazing children which I am so grateful for! Such a very special person that my life would be nothing without. To Camren & Brianna, my inspiration to be GREAT everyday! I'm working hard so they're lives will be much easier financially and provides them with a sense of peace through stability. To my Aunt Joanne, whom is very skillful and talented in so many ways, always eloquently speaks and bond words together so perfect. Very skillful at crafts, making events magical, very giving, and positive. To my grandmothers Mary and Gertrude, whom are both loving and tells me the truth even when it hurts. Would always give me a kind word and give me when I didn’t have. To my favorite cousin Robin whom I love so very much, who always makes my day better with her positive vibe and pure motivation. To my Aunt Maybell who always makes me smiles, very outspoken and says what she feels. She is very loving, caring and I believe she really cares for me a lot and I thank her for always telling me. My godmother, Bishop Minnie Shanks, a beautiful, inspirational, godly woman that has always been there for me no matter what. She has always supported me, called, sent me things to help me. I love her giving heart and her sweet spirit. To my awesome godfather, Uncle Joseph whom has always been a role model to me. Dependable, giving, thoughtful, hardworking, and always have made it clear that God is necessary in my life. He has become a great man of honor and I really admire that. To Elder Walker, a longtime friend of the family, who prayed special prayers for me to achieve and made it possible for me to be where I am today. He’s a powerful man of wisdom and faith and I admire him so much. To my Uncle Willie B & Aunt Girlie, who went out of their way to drive me and mother to see my father when he was in the hospital at Duke, day after day, week after week. I truly thank you so much for that, for that meant the world to me and it shows unselfishness and real love. To my uncle Johnny, who speaks blessings into my life, who forgives and who was there to look after me even after my father passed away. He always called me “Doc” but Unc, I have found a true love within the power of my pen. To my brothers Dee G., Curtis, Woody F., Ian S., Mark, Dante D., Donnie Jr. (Don J.), Chris, Brandon, Thomas, William D. and all other K.A. Psi fraternity brothers who taught me that Exkuses are for the incompetent and made me pursue my dreams even harder. To my ohhh so beautiful Indy Sisters Octavia (May She Rest In Peace), Jessica R, Alexandria S, Porsha C, Misty W, Dorothea P, Ashley M, Ashley B, M'Waka T, Cerita M, Yamiah C., Katrina G, Mary L, Fleur A, Ma’rea P, Marissa R, and others I haven’t named but isn’t thought of any less, who have always been supportive, so classy, and motivates me through all.  

With Love,


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