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Formally known as SucceSSful Charities, it is only right that this charity be renamed after a hero. When all who had known George E. McRae think of him, they think of a man of hard work, an upstanding man of integrity, a man of great morals, strong will, honesty, and a devoted family man. The George McRae Charity fund will give one hardworking student a $500 scholarship to any university of their choice. This individual must mirror the core attributes of Mr. McRae, being intelligent maintaining an overall average of a 3.0 GPA or higher, very hardworking, good standing among their peers, and stand out from the rest with their achievement in every field of human endeavor. Jerry McRae, son of George McRae, works in the kommunity with his fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi and also with his church’s yearly event kalled “May Day”, as seen in the pictures. He believes that giving back to others is very important and it is something that his father and mother taught him that still sticks with him today.


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